People Helping People

It all started about three years ago…

Mike Hartman and Michael Vadini started bumping into each other at the local coffee shop. As they chatted about life, sports, and business they realized that while each had traveled different roads, they shared a common passion… helping others achieve goals. Mike leveraged his NHL experience to help countless individuals and kids reach further in player performance and balance life’s seemingly endless demands against the passion to play. He authored the “100 Ways” story and journal to help guide others to their personal best. Michael is a highly successful entrepreneur – building several technology companies and generating more than $150 million in revenue. He possesses a rare talent to develop highly collaborative, productive working teams and an uncanny ability to leverage technology and make ideas come to life.

Over time, their conversations became more thoughtful and committed as to how they may be able to combine their experience and vision. They saw the possibility to help people who – like them – are somehow inspired to help others. As the business vision narrowed in scope, they asked Kate Nagel to join them. Kate is a seasoned entrepreneur and business leader as well as certified coach and published author. Think of Kate as the “midpoint” between Mike and Michael – she blends her strong business acumen with her commitment to helping individuals navigate life’s many transition points and define, create, and experience purpose-driven lives.

A common vision emerged. An idea to create a solution that covers the spectrum of an individual’s opportunities in life – personal, work, and sports/play. They wondered if it’s possible to create a central portal where individuals seeking support in their goals could find people in the practice of helping others. This destination is intended to support the journey with varied resources, tools, and perspectives. And… provide access to experts who are ready to walk the trail with you. People…helping people.