3 Steps for Connecting To The Universal Flow

3 Steps for Connecting To The Universal Flow


There is a special kind of freedom and success that comes from accessing the universal flow. In yoga we call this Shakti and we aim to create our lives connected to it’s joy. We get close to accomplishing this by moving through life from the ultimate Self, not to be confused with the little “s” self most of us spend our time worried about getting attention in. The big “S” Self is a place of personal conviction and it’s most aligned with our everyday nature. It could care less what your colleagues think because in this Self, there is no place for comparison. You accept everyone has their own tune and focus on how yours fits into the symphony.

First Step: Keep The Body in Flow

The first way to access this flow is to own the feel of your present body. We exist in a society where every other advertisement is selling us a way to escape that experience. No one wants to admit we are living in a form that exists because of every choice that we ever made, but the truth remains. As soon as we were born, the health of the brain and the function of our muscles, digestion, and elimination come from how well we adapt to what we are exposed to. Yes, many of the early years relied on others, but the body you have today is the direct result of how well you have gotten along with the mastery of yourself. What a huge mistake it is to avoid feeling as ill as you actually do every time you eat wrong and harmful foods by popping a numbing pill. Now I am not saying to suffer needlessly, but once in a while let yourself suffer. It will force you to think about why you are actually feeling that way to begin with. Aim to witness what it feels like to move around in your body each day. If you find that you can not get lost in the curve of circling your hips or the beat of some music without complaining, then you are not in an acceptable state of physical flow.

Second Step: Witness The Mind in Flow

Have you ever found yourself surprised at how long you were energetically engaged in conversation about a certain topic, working on a project or reading a book? Have you felt completely in awe on how quickly time went by? That is called being in the flow of the mind. Those of us that can harness how to engage our mind in this way will achieve more and more success. Those people are equipped to face deadlines and challenges. A mind in flow naturally becomes the leader. This is because we learn to master our personal power with seemingly endless resilience. We just get the tough stuff done and we are not burnt out or angry about the resistance. The problem is, most people are never mentally calm. They spend most of their days with their mind racing between the future or living in the past, but a mind in flow is only an experience of the present.

Third Step: Access The Energy of Flow

When someone enters your radar, you will sense the energy of their personal flow. This is a sense of presence. When mastered, it can be felt by others from across the room. It is the ultimate way to move through life from a place of personal conviction, clarity, and community support. This is the truth behind the “luck” people often envy. The irony is that everyone has the same potential to move from their energetic flow this way, because flow is universal energy. It is fabric that scientists are proving connects thousands of galaxies we now know exist beyond the Milky Way. Access is not something only the academically gifted, rich of a certain color, gender, or age can obtain. In fact, the more we start believing our own narcissistic ego as separate from other people, the more we live our life out of pure will. When we live this way, we are less likely to stray from our nature. Tapping into the energy of flow is exactly the way we as children (long before all the pains of realizing this Earth is far from a heaven) spent our summer days. We awoke and plugged into the energy around us. We decided to make the work of growing up our play. We avoided the negative as much as possible and we immediately grew attached to those who valued our presence.

So find a quiet moment or two each day to remember how it felt to be that free. Remember to own who you are, to love openly, and to be that bold.  Watch yourself breathe for at least 10 cycles of breath from the 24, 000 cycles you hardly notice each day. In learning to remain present with your body and your mind (by breathing in who we are and breathing out who we believe others desire you to be), you will be able to witness the energy of a universal flow.

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Lisa Holland

Lisa Holland

Dr. Lisa Holland is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, a Certified Women's Health Coach, A Certified Yoga Therapist and Axiology Practitioner. As a long time mind/ body health expert she has been empowering women by coaching them out of their pain and into a calmer body , better mindset and more satisfying lifestyle for over two decades. Her work is based upon reconnecting women to their personal story, the magic of their bodies and the unexpressed power of a well owned divine feminine leadership style. As a women's health advocate, she celebrates lady leaders biweekly on Owning HER Health, her popular podcast on iTunes. As CEO of Belly Guru LLc, Lisa has been offering a forward thinking proactive healthcare model for treating woman's pain and performance for the past twelve years. To consult, have her speak at your event, arrange a training for your team or get care visit WWW.DrLisaHollandPT.com

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