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At Better Life Training, we all come to work every day because we want to help people solve their biggest problems. 

Our mission is what drives us to do everything possible to expand your potential. We want to empower your personal transformation.

Everyone has moments when they are stuck in their lives: their goals for their personal successes, businesses, and relationships.

Everyone is guessing. How do you know what direction to turn? What tools to implement? How to get out of your own way?

Empowering personal transformation

This is what we know to be true --

Coaches and mentors have been helping people win and crush goals for centuries. People and companies who get the most out of coaching have a fierce desire to learn and grow. The right match is absolutely key to the success of a coaching experience, as, without it, the trust required for optimal performance will not develop. Future leaders & winners will need constant coaching will do more than influence behaviors; they will be an essential part of the individual's learning process, providing knowledge, opinions, and judgment in critical areas. A great coach makes those they are coaching feel competent and self-reliant.

The ability for these ideas to flourish is what we have factored into every step of Better Life Training.

We enable you to choose your perfect coach so that your personal transformation can happen already!

At the same time, coaches and mentors aren't always super at discovering where their target users are, how to reach them, or even how to manage their business, so we help with that too. If you're a coach, you'll be sent all of our resources to make your life easier so you can focus on the task at hand: empowering the people you work with to identify and focus on what's important, to accelerate success.

Throughout history, people use coaches and mentors to make more informed decisions. Our mission at Better Life Training is to make the challenges of life more transparent. Today we provide the most actionable connectivity in the industry for leads and business building to connect that which we love most: people.

We want to make this resource available to as many people as possible. Let's get started!

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Our community includes: life coaches, business/executive coaches, sports coaches as well as sports and training academies, corporate trainers, human resources professionals, healthcare professionals, health and fitness trainers and coaches, sports performance trainers.

We empower coaches with tools to better serve clients. To this end, Better Life Training has amassed a compendium of resources and tools all designed to help coaches and professionals engage and support clients as they work together to reach further and achieve their goals.

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Targeted Assessments

For your personal growth, or for your clients - and your business.

DISC Assessment

The DISC Assessment is designed to help you grow as a brand. It allows you to have a better understanding of yourself and your audience with regard to the relationship that needs to be maintained in order for your brand to have unlimited potential.

Motivators Assessment

The Motivators Assessment helps you figure out why you behave the way you do. What motivates us to act in a certain way? Once you understand this about you and your clients, you will have the ability to create a bond based on morale.

Values Assessment (Axiology)

Axiology is the philosophical study of value. The study dives into the notion of worth and value within the construct of business, sports, and personal development.

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