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3 Quick Tips For Entrepreneurs

Connect with people who can help your vision

As an Entrepreneur, consider the company you keep. Do you spend your time with fellow whiners who commiserate with you about bad employees, leaders, policies and the way the world’s gone wrong? Or do you seek out the people who can inspire your greatness and even “call you on your stuff” when you’ve complained and blamed for a bit too long? Make it a practice to seek out and spend your time with people who are stronger and more successful than you. Consider the fact that we are the total sum of the 5 people we spend the most time with. Choose wisely!


Rewards come in action, not in discussion

Knowledge is NOT power. The power lies in the application of the knowledge. It does not matter what you know, all that matters is what you consistently do. Planning is good, and it's necessary, but execution is where the real money's at.


Anticipate, don't react

Just about every day you will encounter issues. Business will be slow. You may lose a deal. You may lose a sale. You will deal with people who are rude, ungrateful, arrogant, and annoying. Expect it., and respond intelligently. Move on, and keep the end goals you have in the forefront of your mind.


Keith Chemlen


Keith has lived and loved the wonderful world of Entrepreneurship since a very young age. At just 13 years old, he started a Landscape Services Company in his neighborhood which grew quickly and became extremely profitable. This introduction to Business taught him valuable lessons which he later applied to a variety of other companies. He enjoys all aspects of Sales and Marketing, and enjoys teaching others how to apply the strategies that are necessary to take their Businesses to new levels.

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