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Are You a Producer or an Exploiter?

A key attribute of an exceptional leader is character.  Character involves choosing what is right regardless of others thoughts and opinions.

Leadership doesn't come natural to many as it involves doing things that aren't easy nor comfortable. Leaders are not born but rather learned. Refusing to surrender their character in exchange for anything else, leaders know the importance of "walking the talk".  Leaders with character will chose a difficult right versus an easy wrong; embracing the idea that leadership is not so much about head knowledge as it is about heart knowledge. Leaders can be broken down into two distinct categories: producers and exploiters.

Producers create value by serving others either directly or indirectly.  By not getting anything in return, these leaders will continue to serve.  Choosing to serve despite not benefitting, producers are usually able to acquire healthy and long term relationships.

Cultures will collapse and/or excel based on the number of producers and exploiters in a community. Relying on positions, exploiters produce very little.  Seeking out producers, exploiters feed their need to fatten themselves from the fruits growing in others gardens.  Producers find it hard to bloom in a community where exploitation is rewarded.


Melanie Shiell


Melanie has a passion for people. Described by her peers as a "compassionate, knowledgeable, and inspiring soul"; she empowers others to be more, have more and do more. Melanie believes that it's the struggle that makes you great and excellence is always on the other side of inconvenience. With a background in mindset mastery and leadership development, Melanie will motivate, inspire and awaken the greatness that lies within you.

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