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Are you “Being” what you want to attract?

I firmly believe in the law of attraction which essentially states that we have the power to attract the things we want in life. In order to attract those things, we must put those ideas into the universe ourselves. For example, if you put forth positivity into the world, the world will bring positive things back to you.

Mindset is key in our lives to achieving whatever we can possibly dream of. Your mindset creates how you show up in the world, hence “Being”. Are you “being” what you want to attract? What are you attracting into your life?

Pay attention to how situations and events are related to your mindset. Whether pleasurable or non-pleasurable, everything is in direct correlation to our state of “being."

This idea, of course, is more challenging than it sounds. Life can get distracting and positivity can seem far away. Take a moment to try a powerful exercise that has helped me bring wonderful things, events, people, and experiences into my life...


The exercise:

Find a quiet place that makes you feel at peace. Set a timer for 5 minutes. Take notice only of your breath. For the next 5 minutes, think of a place that you find to be the most tranquil and serene. Somewhere extremely comfortable where you feel completely at ease. Focus on this place and how being here makes you feel. Is it by the ocean? Is it in a beautiful forest?

Once you've settled in your version of tranquility, allowing your mind to become clear, think about something that you want in your life. It can be broad or specific. For the rest of your time within this tranquility, concentrate on how having this thing makes you feel. What positive thoughts arise when you think about having this thing? Now, stay here with those thoughts, and breathe. Consume that energy until your timer goes off.

Now, slowly open your eyes. It is time to go about your day with gratitude. You now have the understanding that what you want is already here. You know the feeling you want to possess. Do this every day. There is no doubt that positive coincidences will start to appear in your life. This is because you will innately become more naturally positive and attract the things that bring you peace. 

You are now in a state of conscious “being” due to a change in your mindset! Notice how your reality changes and you start attracting things and situations that are in alignment with your new state of “being”.


Stephanie McPherson


Stephanie McPherson, a Certified High Performance Virtual Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, INHC, CBP, CMP, has over 26 years of experience in the arena of health and wellness, personal growth and self-exploration. Upon realizing in her early 20’s, that the typical "young person diet" filled with sugar and processed foods was causing undesirable consequences, she started the journey to transforming her body through educating herself on good nutrition and exercise. Around the same time in her life, she had many questions about what her true “purpose” was, which lead her to pick up the book, The Empowered Mind. Through completing the plethora of exercises in this book, she realized that she had a real passion for helping others to be healthy, happy and truly thrive in life. Stephanie also has an incredible sense of humor as you will clearly see when watching her De Fa Rekin Licious videos, which are intended to make you laugh as you learn how to prepare her delicious, healthy dishes! Possessing seething, jumping out of her skin, excitement for empowering and inspiring others to be the best version of themselves possible, you will experience a total mind & body transformation working with her! For more information, message Stephanie below.

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