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Life coaching… it’s about helping people navigate the many changes and transitions that appear throughout life. Life coaches not only help you define and clarify value-driven and aspirational goals, they also help uncover whatever seems to be keeping you from reaching further and living your fully into your ideas of happy, whole, and well. Some common reasons you might want to engage with a life coach includes:

  • Support life transitions like career shifts, divorce, empty nest, retirement
  • Put you “back on the list” as you balance life’s many demands
  • Create an optimal “wellness” formula encompassing all aspects of fitness, diet, and health and mind-body-spirit

Raise a Grateful Child

Five Ways To Raise a Grateful Child

January 24, 2018 0
Family Parenting Relationships

Every parent wants the best for their children. Ideally, every parent wants their children to be happy, healthy and grateful. As a matter of fact, research indicates that modern families classify gratitude as one of the traits of a healthy family. It is easy and natural to teach children to say “thank…


Ten Key Strategies to Raising Children

January 09, 2018 0
Life Coaching Family Parenting

Raising children is the best job in the world, but sometimes we forget the most important techniques. According to The Center For Parenting, there are 10 key strategies! Take a moment to read or remind yourself of those strategies that I have listed below. Happy parenting! LOVE AND RESPECT Children…

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Move Outside Of Your Comfort Zone

January 09, 2018 0
Managing Change & Transition Career Relationships Work-Life Balance

It's not easy moving outside of your comfort zone... but it is an important thing to learn how to do. Luckily, there are several ways and approaches to taking that leap and changing your life for the better!    HERE WE GO...   TAKE A STEP: Take the first step! Don't procrastinate---just…

A change of self

Developing a Mindset for Success Should Be Your Lifetime Goal

October 25, 2017 0
Career Family Mind Body Spirit

Developing a Mindset for Success Should Be Your Lifetime Goal   What does it mean to have a mindset? A mindset is a set of assumptions, methods, or notations (held by one or more people or groups of people) that are established enough to create a powerful incentive to continue to adopt/accept…


Are you “Being” what you want to attract?

October 24, 2017 0
Life Coaching Managing Change & Transition Career Family Fitness Health and Wellness Mind Body Spirit Parenting Relationships Work-Life Balance Yoga & Meditation

I firmly believe in the law of attraction which essentially states that we have the power to attract the things we want in life. In order to attract those things, we must put those ideas into the universe ourselves. For example, if you put forth positivity into the world, the world will bring positive…


Finding Confidence on Thin Ice

September 29, 2017 0
Life Coaching Mind Body Spirit

An athlete's performance is mainly based off an athletes confidence level. Figure skating is a very mental challenging sport, not saying that other sports aren’t. The difference with Figure Skating is that you are out  on a sheet of ice to yourself performing for a total of 4min. (the…


Culture and Cognitive Dissonance

September 29, 2017 0
Life Coaching Mind Body Spirit

There is nothing more important to the success of companies and even countries then the creation of culture.  A culture is a system of values, beliefs and customs within an organization and within a community.  The "culture" of an organization is not in itself visual, but it largely…


Using Yoga-based Breathing to Reduce Stress

September 29, 2017 0
Life Coaching Health and Wellness Mind Body Spirit Yoga & Meditation

The first and last thing we all do in life is take a breath, and we never stop breathing in between. Yet, most of us are unaware of the power of Yoga-based (conscious) breathing, a series of techniques that uses both your mind and your body to exercise more control over that very same mind and body.…


Coaching Yourself out of Pain?

September 29, 2017 0
Life Coaching Health and Wellness

As a physical therapist and spiritual life coach, coaching someone in pain presents some challenges. Communication becomes a critical factor as pain sensations are often tied to emotional stories and feelings of loss. Chronic pain is more about how the brain perceives the threat then the actual painful…


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