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Do You Start Your Day With A Grateful Heart?

It's the weekend and we have children. That means sleepovers, birthday parties, soccer games, and visits with friends. Our weekends are busy and we are so grateful for all that we have in our lives!

Then it’s Monday morning. A day when everyone is struggling to get moving. You holler out to whomever may be awake and listen for their sense of urgency. “C’mon everyone get up and get moving,” we say, "we don’t want to be late!" You’ve made the lunches, and in the middle of making breakfast and you don’t hear any rustling. Again, a bit louder, you say, "C’MON EVERYONE ~ GET UP!! WE ARE NOT GOING TO START THE WEEK OFF BY BEING LATE!” You know the scenario.

Growing up, this was the scene at our house. Waking up in the morning, for me, was never easy. When I was younger, I'd even sleep with part of my clothes on for the next day so that I could sleep in and enjoy a few more savory moments of bliss. I would hear my mom in the kitchen making breakfast and knew she would soon be hollering. I knew myself. I knew it would happen once, twice…oh boy I'd do my best to not let it get to the third time. By the time I made it to the kitchen, I'd never  hear hear the end of it. I swore when I had kids, I would not be yelling at my kids first thing in the morning.

Fast forward. After having 3 kids, the scene became that same familiar feeling; except now I was the mother in the kitchen! I now have 6 kids, but when it was 3, I was a single mom struggling every morning to get everyone moving. I constantly felt like I was running against time. That feeling would transfer into the rest of the day, making every minute feel like a rush. That idea of never yelling at my kids in the morning flew out of the window. There was simply no time to try anything else. My kids would dread my line: “Don’t make me come in and get you up out of bed!” They knew that it would be a cup of cold water that would wake them up! I can laugh about it now, but what a terrible way to get someone up out of a sound sleep. And I wondered why they were always grumpy…not morning people. Even the cats were in a grumpy mood in the morning!

It wasn’t until raising child number six that I had this AHA moment. It was the middle of the week, not even Monday, and I had woken up a bit late, which you know has its domino effect. I raced into my sons room turned on the light and said “C’mon get up! I woke up late and you are going to be late for school!” There he sat on the side of his bed, dressed and ready for school, hanging out with the dog. “Oh Shoot, I need to make your lunch and what do you want for breakfast?” I shouted as I scurried around to get him to school on time. He strolled out to the kitchen in a nonchalant way and calmly announced, “Mom, I am grateful for how hard you work at getting me to school and wanted you to know that I was letting you sleep in a little. My lunch is in my backpack and I have already eaten breakfast." Was I dreaming? “You have everything done?,” I asked. “Yup, thought I would help you out this morning and thinking that I should be doing this each morning. I appreciate all that you do and the least I could do is get myself up, make my lunch and my breakfast.” It was then that I realized that I needed to change my perspective on my mornings. Sometimes, all it takes someone else to slow us down and remind us to be grateful in ALL things, even our mornings. The rest of that day, I was beaming. I was reminded to be grateful for small things, like that extra sleep I've loved since childhood. And big things, like raising wonderful children.

What are you grateful for? How do you start your day so that you can spend the rest of it beaming?

Much Love,



Elizabeth Colvin


Studied over 100 different ways of eating. Institute of Integrative Nutrition made sure top notch speakers were at the school to present leading edge knowledge on wellness, nutrition, tools for clients and how to run your small business. Studied Bio-Individuality...in a nutshell - NO ONE KIND of eating is good for everyone! We are all different and what may be good for one person may not be good for the next. My mission is to go out and help educate people on a healthier fit lifestyle so they can be around to enjoy their friends and family for a very long time. Along that path I have made many friends. Having the ability to empower people to take charge of their health and well being. My desire is to celebrate each and every one I meet. Get people BACK TO BASICS! Contact me for a free Health History and let's see where that leads us!

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