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Finding Confidence on Thin Ice

An athlete's performance is mainly based off an athletes confidence level. Figure skating is a very mental challenging sport, not saying that other sports aren’t. The difference with Figure Skating is that you are out  on a sheet of ice to yourself performing for a total of 4min. (the most) in front of a row of judges and multiple spectators.

Every athlete struggles in a certain area which may include low self-esteem.  For example: Thinking you aren’t good enough, not in the ideal physical shape or feeling that your skating quality has not improved in certain areas. These are all normal feelings, and feelings that we don’t need to ignore.

No athlete should feel ashamed to speak up to their coach or family member when they are currently    struggling with themselves in certain areas. You are normal! We all have our weaknesses and there can be guidance to get you back on a positive path.

The most important step to keep on a positive path, is to surround yourself with positive people. A Coach will be hard on an athlete, which is very normal, just depends to what degree. Everyone makes mistakes and mistakes aren’t permanent reflections on you as a person and performance. Mistakes should then be reinforced with positive focus….How can I improve?

I always highly recommend having a diary to keep track of your daily progress. Write down your feelings daily.  Why are you feeling happy, sad or anxious today? What are your daily-weekly-monthly yearly goals? What can you adjust from today to make tomorrow a more accomplished fulfilled day? Go through your diary daily and focus on the positive, create and build the positive. Turn your negative comments to positive energy and encourage yourself so that you can start your next day on a positive note.

You will notice that when you are deeply happy with yourself, your performance on and off the ice will drastically improve.

I have learned to never try keeping things inside that bother you because you are only hurting yourself and eventually others. You are never alone with the feelings you may come across and these are feelings you don’t need to ever keep buried inside.

As an athlete, you dedicate so much of your life and you do it because you set goals for yourself and have a drive for your sport which brings you joy. Don’t ever loose that feeling completely when you have days where you struggle. Remember, ups and downs build your character and Confidence. Learn from each mistake and take every criticism by turning it around to positive energy. Always walk with your head up with pride no matter how you may be feeling that day and do what you do best!


Danielle Logano


Born in Middletown, CT where I began the sport of figure skating at the age of 5. Current residence is Charlotte, NC where I run my hockey business, Logano Power Skating out of the Extreme Ice Center in Indian Trail, NC. I have Been skating now for over 20 years, turning Professional at age 18 traveling all of over the country performing in multiple ice shows. Growing up and training in Simsbury, Connecticut, I have learned the quality fundamentals of power skating & edge development from elite coaches. I now translate my figure skating knowledge to hockey players from beginner to Professional level. I currently train players in the NHL-Eric Nystrom, Kevan Miller, Shane Harper and AHL Bryan Moore, ECHL,OHL, USHL, NAHL, USPHL. The goal is to improve a hockey player’s biomechanics, edge quality, power, transitions, starts, strength on the puck and overall performance in the game.

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