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Five Tips for Using Behavior Assessments in Your Sales Funnel

When your business is better aligned with your values, natural behaviors and personal motivators, you are more likely to take action…and have more fun!

If you’re looking to grow your business and gain new customers, or if you’re looking to motivate your sales team, Assessment are a quick and easy way to get results.

Behavior and Motivator Assessments are a great tool to help YOU get better results, and it will help your clients as well.  As a sales and marketing trainer, the first thing I do is help the leadership team understand why their sales team lacks motivation (and it’s NOT because they are lazy).  Using the Assessments makes it super clear where the problem is between the manager and the team. And, if I’m working with a solopreneur without a team, the Assessment helps you focus on the most effective and efficient path to success.

In the meantime, here are five ways you can use Assessments in your sales funnel to become a magnet to the clients out there looking to work with you":

  1. Build Rapport (so you can have a conversation without the sales pressure). By offering an Assessment in the beginning, your prospects will not only get to experience what you do, they will also be excited to talk to you about the results.
  2. Give a Gift (so you can be their hero – everyone loves something free). When you give a gift, it shows you care, especially when you have to pay out of pocket for it.  But, if you use proper message you will weed out the non-customers and attract those who are ready to engage with you monetarily.
  3. Product Bonus (to add even more value to your products). If you add the Assessment as a purchase bonus it will stack the value to your offer and make your product irresistible.
  4. Up-sell/down-sell (to increase the revenue per client). Use the Assessment as an add-on purchase to your program or, if they don’t buy your signature program, you can offer a lower costs Assessment to still provide value.
  5. Review Call (when you are certified, you can easily WOW your clients). The review call is a GREAT way to talk to your prospects when they might have been too scared to call you.

These are just a few starting ideas.  When you have a clear sales and marketing plan in place, it’s easy to see where you need to add value to your customers.  Not to mention the incredible increased results your customers will get from having this assessment.


Sensei Angie Grainger


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