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How to Create the Perfect Vision Board

Do you realize how powerful a vision board can be when it comes to manifesting your goals, manifesting your dreams, and bringing everything you desire to fruition?

The most crucial element of a vision board is the the recognition of the feelings you want to feel based upon the “things” you want to have in your life. The “Law of Attraction” works because of how you feel when you think of things you want. It’s not just about thinking. The thinking brings on the most important aspect of LOA, the feeling! You must get into the vibration of feeling, the feeling of having what you want is the powerful tool you use to bring it right to you.

Have you ever noticed how when you think about negative things or happenings in your life, you feel a suffocated and tight feeling in the chest area? Pay attention next time you are dwelling on a bad situation or fearing / worrying about something. Now, pay attention to the opposite. When you are focusing on something that brings you joy and happiness, there is a much lighter feeling. This lighter feeling is so much more expansive and connects you to what you desire.

What you focus on is more than likely what you receive. The more you focus on what you want, the more of what you want will manifest in your life. A vision board is a perfect tool to that you can use to conjure up these feelings. Every time your eyes fall upon the pictures, phrases or the positive vibe statements of your desires, you will feel it!




What should I put on my vision board?

Anything that is a depiction of how you want to feel, statements that describe you being your best self, quotes, places you want to travel, things you want to do, things you want to have. Some examples of phrases and positive vibe statements are: "healthy body", "love myself", "prosperous me", "abundant life", "financial freedom," and "joyful experiences".

Let’s get started!

Supplies for a vision board:

1. Poster board or cork board
2. Glue, glue sticks or push pins
3. Colorful markers, crayons or pens
4. Scissors
5. Pictures of images that you have Googled. Googled images work best because they are images specific to the word that describes your desire.
Next, sit down in a quiet space that is free from clutter. Cut out the images and paste or pin them onto your poster or cork board. You can either write the phrases or positive vibe statements in colorful pens or markers, or you can Google them to cut and paste. When finished, place the vision board where you can see it.
Remember to leave some empty space so that you can add new things as you desire them.

Anytime your eyes fall upon your vision board, think about how the images, phrases, and positive vibe statements make you feel / have /do / be. Think about what it will bring you once manifested. An example of a vision board is included below. Happy Creating!!


Stephanie McPherson


Stephanie McPherson, a Certified High Performance Virtual Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, INHC, CBP, CMP, has over 26 years of experience in the arena of health and wellness, personal growth and self-exploration. Upon realizing in her early 20’s, that the typical "young person diet" filled with sugar and processed foods was causing undesirable consequences, she started the journey to transforming her body through educating herself on good nutrition and exercise. Around the same time in her life, she had many questions about what her true “purpose” was, which lead her to pick up the book, The Empowered Mind. Through completing the plethora of exercises in this book, she realized that she had a real passion for helping others to be healthy, happy and truly thrive in life. Stephanie also has an incredible sense of humor as you will clearly see when watching her De Fa Rekin Licious videos, which are intended to make you laugh as you learn how to prepare her delicious, healthy dishes! Possessing seething, jumping out of her skin, excitement for empowering and inspiring others to be the best version of themselves possible, you will experience a total mind & body transformation working with her! For more information, message Stephanie below.

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