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How to Quickly Build Your Coaching Business to Six Figures

There are three keys to getting your business on the fast-track to six-figures and start making over $10k every month…and you don’t have to wait.

I’ve worked with thousands of businesses as a CPA, Finance Expert and Joint Venture Marketing Strategist, and often I see small business owners stuck in their lack of confidence which is sabotaging their business.  This silent problem keeps owners from reaching their ideal clients and from charging enough for their services.  They just plain forget how valuable their services are to the client that’s out there suffering.

As a Joint Venture Talent Agency, one of the things I do is find joint venture partners for clients to help them monetize their business faster.  When I first started, I talked to literally hundreds of coaches and small businesses to find a partner for one of my clients, and very quickly found that 99% of the people I talked to were not ready to have massive leads coming into their business.  Most were missing three vital elements to be in the position to get a ton of new clients…or as I quickly discovered, to even just get a few clients to out of the hole and get up over the $100k mark.

By mastering these three keys, you will get on the fast-track to cash:

Know How to SAY Exactly What You Offer (so you can stop fumbling over your words and let your clarity bring you confidence).  The first step is to get very clear on what you sell and how you are positioned. Many business owners have tons of ideas of what they could offer, and rather than truly understanding what they sell and why customers buy it from them.  They often try to sell the wrong products to the wrong customers at the wrong time.  However, by taking the time to really look at what you’ve already done, who’s attracted to you and why, you set the stage for finding the right customers going forward.  In addition, it’s critical that your products and services are package in a way it makes it easy for your customer to buy from you.

Discover the People Who Love What You Do (and become a magnet to the buyers out there looking for you).  Before your customers even reach your sales funnel, it starts with understanding who is interested in buying what you are offering.  By thoroughly understanding who your best customer is, what motivates them, and what problems you solve, you can create a paradigm shift from selling to fulfilling and start changing lives of those ready for change.

Understand Exactly How to Speak To Your Prospects to Always Get a “YES” (to bring on customers who are ready for you).  Sales and marketing is a real drag when you spend all your time and efforts marketing and don’t get new customers.  One major problem here is the ability to close sales. To improve your sales, having a clearly defined sales process with scripts and tracking will reveal exactly what’s happening along the sales pathway and increase your ability to move someone from looker to buyer.


Sensei Angie Grainger


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