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If you need help advertising for your business, this article is for you!

“A customer talking about their experience with you is worth ten times that which you write or say about yourself.” - David J. Greer, Wind In Your Sails

A fabulous, informative, and engaging website catches potential customers’ interest; but, when it comes to pulling the trigger and taking advantage of your business, nothing is as persuasive as a personal or professional friend sharing their actual experience. Think of it as a bonus marketing campaign. One that is self-sustaining, pays off exponentially, and costs nothing. Positive word-of- mouth is the holy grail of advertising for good reason!

The power of the personal experience is reflected in all of the online resources devoted to personal reviews of products and services that have developed in recent years. This includes everyone from people on Facebook asking for recommendations from their friends, to Yelp, OpenTable, Angie’s List and Google reviews. Personal endorsements (even from strangers) reign supreme.

Websites now almost universally include user reviews on products. People love to hear someone else’s experience because of the intrinsic expectation that an offer to share this kind of information comes from a genuine desire to inform others.

A perfect example of the importance of positive word-of- mouth is the coaching industry. Coaching is its own unique breed. It is an extremely personal business. Whether the focus is life coaching or any type of business coaching, personal connections are a coach’s bread and butter. Coaches, by design, need to develop an intimate knowledge of each person they work with; a corporate coach has the additional aspect of gaining a detailed working knowledge of the business in order to effectively address whatever challenges they’ve been contracted to resolve. A successful outcome has the added benefit of offering an opportunity for the client not only to have a positive feeling toward the coach (one-on- one as opposed to an impersonal business entity), but also to have a positive feeling based on the personal connection forged within the business relationship. This “personal touch” makes it much more likely that the client will share the experience with others – not just in response to a query – but proactively, which is the best kind of word-of- mouth. Coaches just happen to have a bit of an advantage when it comes to cultivating this strategy.

So, how can we help?

A happy client who is actively looking for opportunities to promote your business is the rock star of marketing for any business. Our team has a number of coaching clients, both past and present, with businesses of all sizes and specialties. We get the “personal connection” thing, and our marketing and branding approach suits the coaching industry. Creating a strategy to exploit a particular niche market is our bread and butter, and we love adding our expertise to the mix. If you work hard to establish the personal touch in your business and expect the same for yourself and your team, we’d love to talk to you! You can connect with us at Info@NamamiInc.com or 561.926.3969.


Zephora Haddon


Zephora Haddon is a highly skilled visionary of brand development. Some of her strengths include social media implementation, retail strategy, operations strategy and execution. With over 15 years experience, Zephora diligently works to reflect and achieve your needs and considers the needs of your clientele as well. Her success in helping you reach your organization’s desired outcome stems from her expertise in having conceptualized a broad variety of business structures. From single person online start-ups to national chains represented in over 30 states and from international non-profit entities to re-branding of a hedge fund and its managers, Zephora is an expert in business model generation, clever strategies and revenue forecasting. Some of these business models include industries such as: art, finances, medical, real estate, child safety, multi-level marketing and Autism, to name a few.

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