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Move Outside Of Your Comfort Zone

It's not easy moving outside of your comfort zone... but it is an important thing to learn how to do. Luckily, there are several ways and approaches to taking that leap and changing your life for the better! 




TAKE A STEP: Take the first step! Don't procrastinate---just do it. That first step is the hardest but once you start it becomes easier.

EXPLORE: Put yourself in a new environment. When your environment changes, so do you! You can start out small and add something new each week.

MAKE DIFFICULT CHOICES: Don't always pick the safe choice. Allow yourself to solve a problem using a different method. 

RE-ROUTE: This is a concrete one! Take a different route home... maybe even the long way! It will allow you to open your mind to the unfamiliar.  

USE YOUR GUT: When you need to make a tough decision, trust your intuition. Overthinking things can damage the outcome. The first thing you think of is usually the right thing!

OPEN YOUR MIND: Remind yourself on a daily basis to consider other points of view. Take the time to listen to another person's opinion and allow your mind to be open enough to understand.

SAY YES: Say "yes" more often! Be selective, of course, but don't limit yourself to the word "no." 

VOLUNTEER: Volunteer to do projects that you can learn from. Always look for opportunities to help someone else. It will feel good and you will learn something about yourself.  

TRY DOING SOMETHING YOU ARE AFRAID OF: Facing your fears can completely change your mindset. You learn that things aren't as scary as they seem. Be willing to overcome the things that hold you back!

CHALLENGE YOURSELF: Create challenges to push yourself in areas you want to improve. Write down some things that challenge you and come up with solutions that you are capable of. This will also help you overcome your fears!

DON'T BE TOO HARD ON YOURSELF: Remember, tomorrow is a new day! Don't beat yourself up if you don't reach your goal. There's always tomorrow to move beyond your comfort zone.




Davida Shensky


Davida Shensky has owned her own business for the last 25+ years since she entered the workforce 12 years before the Americans with Disabilities Act became law. it is not the limit she places on herself but the limits that society places on her due to their misunderstanding of the disability community at large. She has had to learn to become her own advocate and to think outside of the box when it comes to employment.

Location:  Deerfield Beach, Florida

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