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New Talent Management (Recruiting) Digital Toolbox

Talent acquisition can be daunting. The politics of interviewing involve plastic smiles and bragging… humbly. For a recruiter, this can be tough. It’s hard to know how to reach out and what to look for. We’ve gathered a list of novel techniques (to add to all of the smiling and hand shaking) that help to attract and identify the best of the best.


Promote your Brand: It’s like getting your crush’s attention… you need to put yourself out there and show them your attractive and intriguing qualities! Show potential employees that you have a strong mission statement and advertise your logo across all social media platforms. Additionally, post in the appropriate digital spaces that you are hiring.


Be Selective: When it comes to choosing candidates to interview, it can be easy to fall into the trap of opening the door to everyone. You want your business to be the best, so look for the best (whatever that means to you). If you need someone who is quick on their feet, perhaps look for someone with experience in jobs that require a lot of people-to-people interaction. This will narrow down the search.


Search Within, or Reach Out! It’s not a crime to know what you want. If you’d prefer all of your employees to be referrals, ask for them. If you know that someone may be a good fit, reach out to them via social media or email and encourage them to check out your company. If this person is remote or has a tough schedule, request a video interview.


Get Real: Welcome your interviewee with a smile that doesn’t say “Stepford,” but rather “I am excited to get to know you on a semi-personal level.” Without getting too deep, speak with the interviewee like you would a friend, only this time incorporate the authority and pride you have in your business. It will encourage the candidate to be honest and make them comfortable enough to be their true selves, which is the most important thing in the long run.


This article was written by a content writer after interviewing an expert in the field*


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