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Shaped and Refined By the Journey Itself

In setting specific goals for my life, I now embrace the idea that I’m going to have to move through some inner/outer resistance and also have to actively dialogue with my character defects on the way to getting ‘there.’ These defects or ‘protection mechanisms’ are deeply invested in running point and keeping me in a safe comfort zone, maintaining status quo. By consciously making that agreement - that I WILL undergo change (and some discomfort) along the way - I not only attain the set goal, but I also become more of who I am meant to be (which is what I really want anyway!)... I am shaped and refined on the journey. It all becomes part of a committed spiritual practice as an awakened human being. And this ‘path to the goal’ is here for me to grow along spiritual lines. Because of this awareness, every bump or challenge along the way feels purposeful and dharmic. So there’s no real reward, no true goal outside of myself that I’m striving for really (and yet it’s an accomplishment to get there too) but rather just various contexts I create for maximum spiritual growth opportunities... and I know I am always supported in that endeavor by All That Is.


Ryan Haddon C.L.C, C.h.


ICF Certified Life and Spiritual Coach. I will empower you by showing you how to stop being ruled by your circumstances, limitations and old ideas and instead start to create the life you are ready to manifest, right here, right now, regardless. I can help you improve your life by shifting the way you operate in it, on a deeper level, connected to something greater. Together, we will find a life of happiness and purpose and it will feel deeply meaningful.

Location:  New Hope, PA

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