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Summer Weight Loss Survival Skills

Summer Weight Loss Survival Skills!

Looking for the right weight loss summer survival skills? Check out this article to see if you're in the know:

People who are successful at summer weight loss commit to exercise each week. They also guard that time fiercely. The more often you show up for your workouts, no matter how intense your workout is, the easier it will be to make exercise a habit.

One reason we skip exercise is because we don't actually commit to it, especially during the summer months. You might have a vague idea of getting in some workouts in between family barbecues and pool parties, but until you actually commit yourself, it won't happen.

It's hard to commit to something in the future; especially a summer workout while mentally leaving the door open to bail on the idea if something (anything!) better comes along.

Check out these sizzling summer tips to maximize your results in half the time:

  • Schedule Your Workouts. Sit down with your schedule, carve out your exercise time and guard that time fiercely.
  • Plan Your Routine. Write down what you'll do and where, when and how you'll do it. Don’t change your routine unless necessary.
  • Prepare Yourself. Get everything ready for your workouts ahead of time to reduce the chance of changing your mind.
  • Walk Whenever & Wherever Possible. Participate in your own ‘walk and eat’ program. Each time you eat, you must commit to talking a walk shortly afterwards.
  • Make It Easy On Yourself: If you schedule a workout in the morning and force yourself to run around trying to pack your gym bag at the last minute, that isn't making exercise easy, is it?
  • Follow Through. No matter what's going on, try to follow through with every planned workout. Even if you only get in 5 or 10 minutes, keeping your commitment will empower you to follow through the next time. That consistency will help you build strength, endurance and the momentum to keep going.

When it comes to following through, you must also remember that weight loss is a slow process. Most people know (at least intellectually) that weight loss is a slow and steady process.

With all the infomercials and questionable information out there, many of us have a secret belief that if we could just find that one diet/exercise/pill, it really would be quick and easy. The truth is that you have to exercise and eat well most days of the week to really get where you want to go. People who are successful at summer weight loss know this and commit themselves each day to some form of exercise and healthful eating. There's no point at which they stop making these healthy choices (and go back to eating junk food or sitting around the house). If they do, they'll go right back to where they were before they lost the weight.

  • Sometimes You Have to Be Annoying
    Another thing that people successful at summer weight loss do is become one of those ‘annoying people’ who are always asking questions in restaurants.

As dinning out increases in frequency in summer, healthy summer eaters have to be willing to ask for what they want and can't be afraid of special requests like dressings on the side or substitutions.

"Could you bring that sauce on the side?" "Is that cooked in butter or olive oil?" "Do you have brown rice instead of French fries?" Annoying? Possibly. But you have a right to know what you're getting and ask for what you want.
Making these special requests can save you more calories than you think, and that can help you save your waistline during those hot summer months.

When dinning out, some questions you may want to ask include:

• How’s this Cooked? Sautéed chicken sounds pretty healthy until you realize it's sautéed in a pound of butter. Even vegetable dishes can be unhealthy if they're drenched in butter or oil, so don't be afraid to ask about the details.
• Can I Make a Healthy Substitution? If a dish comes with fries on the side, ask if you can have a salad or vegetables instead. Even if you have to pay a little extra, it's worth it for fewer calories.
• Can You Please Hold the Bread? If a waiter puts a basket of bread in front of you, chances are you’ll eat it. All of it. Instead, ask the waiter to hold the bread or just bring you one or two pieces so you don't blow it.
 Can I Have a Doggie Bag? You've probably heard about the trick of putting half your meal in a doggie bag before you dig in. This is an excellent way to avoid eating too much and have a meal for later.

This attitude towards food should also be enforced inside the house. If you promise to eat healthy but realize all you have to eat is a bag of Doritos and a pint of ice cream at home, how healthy can you be?

Setting yourself up for success instead of failure is all about planning and preparation.

• Stock Your Pantry With Healthful Foods. Get rid of the junk, and make it a habit to have summer fresh & cut-up fruits, veggies, popcorn, whole grain bread and yogurts handy so you always have a healthy choice if you want to snack.
• Make the foundation of your diet healthy. People successful at summer weight loss make their staple foods as healthy as possible. Cereal, bread, pasta, rice, dairy products -- all of these items can be as healthy as you want them to be. By switching to more whole grains, higher fiber and less sugar, you can start to build a healthier diet from the ground up.

And finally:

  • Remember that you can do this!



Written by Len Glassman, Westfield resident with a passion for health and fitness. Recipe Book Author, DVD Creator, Certified Personal Trainer, Health Nutritionist & Owner of Personal Best Training & Pilates Center (www.pb-fitness.com) in Garwood.


Len Glassman


Len Glassman is a Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Health Nutritionist with over 20 years of fitness professional experience. Len is a Fitness Bootcamp Instructor, Recipe Book Publisher, Health Advisor, Corporate Wellness & Lifestyle Consultant and Motivational Speaker. He also is the Creator of the 'Fit-ness Fun-damental's inter-active exercise DVD series. Len's passion for fitness and compassionate manner has helped people of all ages, abilities and personalities, incorporate and stick to a positive health and wellness lifestyle. From elite athletic training and mentoring experience, contributing fitness expert to Men's Fitness Magazine, to serving as health advisor for the NJ State Police & Benevolent Association (NJPBA) & NJ State Firefighter's Mutual Benevolent Association (FMBA), Len's background and experience is as varied as his passions. Through the team of fitness professionals assembled at Personal Best, Len has the resources and contacts to make big things happen in areas diverse as: Youth & Sports Specific Group Training Programs, Pilates Apparatus Training, TRX Specialty Classes, Off & On-site Bootcamp Programs, Nutritional Counseling & Corporate Wellness Workshops, Motivational Speaking and Programming.

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