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Tears to Triumph

My thirteen year old daughter is nothing shy of brilliant. She is also smart; on the honor roll, A student, in short, a teacher’s dream. Yet despite her outward appearance of academic perfection, she has her struggles.

This year she is in Math 1. This means although she is yet in 7th grade middle school, her math class is at the high school level. Now proudly I was a pretty good student myself but 20 some years later I must admit I’ve completely forgot about inequality equations. I gave it my best shot and concluded after a good one minute evaluation that I would be of no help to her at all other than emotional support during times of immense frustration. So I wisely advised her to call my friend,  who is a master in mathematics and conveying how to perform math with great ease and pleasure. I mean Cherel really gets lit up teaching math, dare I say it’s her calling.

After stubbornly trying it on her own my daughter was in tears. (Not the first time.) I saw it coming, hence the suggestion to call my friend. So finally she did. Once I saw her connected to my math wizard friend, (I actually told Kailee that Cherel holds the key to the Holy Grail of mathematics), I confidently left her to get my other daughter in bed.

45 minutes later and completely oblivious to her recent distress, Kailee comes bouncing, yes literally bouncing up and down, in my bathroom declaring, “Mommy I got them all right!” If you ever needed a picture of pride and satisfaction, this was it. She was practically glowing. Oh the joy of being a mom. I’m not sure what is better than seeing your child happy and victorious!

After celebrating her win with her I asked her if she got any insight as to how she best learns. “Honey you just went from tears to triumph, I told her. Any idea what made the difference? Do you think perhaps sometimes it’s good to enroll someone who knows what they are doing in your problem?” She acknowledged that the difference was Cherel.

Kailee “gets” a lot of stuff but just gets “stuck” sometimes and needs someone to point her in the right direction. To that thought, why do so many of us try SO hard to figure our own lives out without a coach? We spend countless hours, days, even years to figure out what we need to do or what we are supposed to be when we grow up. Why don’t we enroll someone who can help us out in this area? Why waste any more time and energy trying to go solo only to end up in frustration and perhaps tears? Instead wouldn’t it be better to have someone who has wisdom and experience in whatever area you may feel stuck in to guide you to victory?


Jennifer Woods


Jennifer is passionate about empowering people to become the very best version of who they were crafted to be. Jennifer Woods founded Insight Solutions Partners on the core belief that in order to powerfully lead anyone, one must first powerfully lead themselves. She has spent over a decade working with leaders in the human development industry to create industry specific assessments and benchmarks used for screening to hire, executive coaching and team optimizing. She has had the pleasure of working with CEO’s of small to large companies, professional athletes and speakers within the human resources, hospitality, medical, leadership, and sales industries. Insight Solutions Partners (ISP) offers intuitive comprehensive and job/industry specific assessments, assessment certifications and on-line training to support leadership development professionals. Other than empowering people, Jennifer is also addicted to motivational books, working out to rocking music and going on adventures with her daughters and loved ones.

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