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Ten Key Strategies to Raising Children

Raising children is the best job in the world, but sometimes we forget the most important techniques. According to The Center For Parenting, there are 10 key strategies! Take a moment to read or remind yourself of those strategies that I have listed below. Happy parenting!


Children thrive BEST in a home filled with respect and LOVE. The respect must be a 2 way street. Parents must respect their children and children must do the same.



It is important that parents listen to their children. Listen with a quite non-judgmental ear as your children share their feelings and thoughts.



The main emphasis should be what is good and positive about your children.



Allow your children to learn and do tasks for themselves.



Be cognizant of what your children can accomplish based on their age, maturity, and skill level. Celebrate their accomplishments!



Be “consistent!” Do what you say you are going to do.



Do not become physically, emotionally, or mentally abusive.



Admit when you make mistakes. Be aware of your mistakes and teach your children that mistakes have lessons within them to be learned.



Behave how you expect your children to behave.



Laughter is the BEST medicine. Make sure your home is filled with a sense of humor!



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Coach Arthur
Certified Professional Life Coach


Coach Arthur


I am a certified professional Life Coach who specializes in personal growth, parental skills, spiritual coaching using the Law of Attraction and teen coaching. I maintain a private practice in Miami, Florida. I serve as a private practitioner working with parents and teenagers. In addition to being a certified professional Life Coach, I am also an elementary school site administrator.

For the last 29 years, I have worked for Miami-Dade County Public Schools. My 29 years in education has given me the credentials and expertise in dealing effectively with parents and children alike. I work collaboratively with parents, teenagers and all clients alike in order to accomplish identified goals and objectives in a non-judgmental atmosphere of trust. Through this proven approach, I effectively address personal life challenges.

I integrate my educational background, my experience as a mother for the last 27 years along with effective coaching techniques to offer a highly-personalized program tailored to all clients with Grace & Ease.

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