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The Labyrinth

Have you ever walked a labyrinth? I hadn’t until last year. Some of my very successful friends had told me what a wonderful experience it was, but I had my doubts. None-the-less there was a labyrinth on the grounds of the mountain retreat where I was staying. So I decided to give it a try.

At first it seemed a bit pre-schoolish, walking in between these lines running adjacent to one another. Then as I continued to mindlessly walk, I realized that I was walking in my life; my past life. As I neared the center of the labyrinth I recognized it was where I am right now in my life; the middle. When I reached the true center I took only but a moment, stopped and thanked God for bringing me this far and asked for His future guidance. I then returned to my walking.

As I began to walk on right side of the labyrinth I was keenly aware that I was walking into my future. At many points in my future it butted up right up against my past. I supposed this was intended to allow me to reflect upon my past as I also thought about the future I wanted to create. At a point along the second half of the maze I came to the back and center of the labyrinth. I saw that my future actually mirrored my past. I realized if I don’t change something now, that I will be sure to repeat the same stories from my past into my future.

At the end of the labyrinth, I looked back at the methodically created path.  I looked back at my entire life: past, present, and future as if my life was truly tangibly right in front of me in this three dimensional trail.  I saw two things very vividly:

First: Life is amazingly short - which lead me to...

Second: Life is up to us to create alongside of God. It truly is whatever we want it to be. We can leave something behind.  We can make it full of meaning and contribution or we can toss it away. We do not have to let our past determine our future. We can write our lives beginning now.

As I left this space I was very thankful for the two  nuns who created this place, the grounds, the labyrinth, the prayer trails…. I was thankful they chose to contribute.

If you have a chance to walk a labyrinth... or even in your favorite quiet space of reflection here are some questions to ponder:

What do you want to leave behind?

Who do you want to impact and how?

What do you want to contribute?

What excuses do you have to remove to create the life you desire in your career, relationships and body?


Jennifer Woods


Jennifer is passionate about empowering people to become the very best version of who they were crafted to be. Jennifer Woods founded Insight Solutions Partners on the core belief that in order to powerfully lead anyone, one must first powerfully lead themselves. She has spent over a decade working with leaders in the human development industry to create industry specific assessments and benchmarks used for screening to hire, executive coaching and team optimizing. She has had the pleasure of working with CEO’s of small to large companies, professional athletes and speakers within the human resources, hospitality, medical, leadership, and sales industries. Insight Solutions Partners (ISP) offers intuitive comprehensive and job/industry specific assessments, assessment certifications and on-line training to support leadership development professionals. Other than empowering people, Jennifer is also addicted to motivational books, working out to rocking music and going on adventures with her daughters and loved ones.

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