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Top 5 Interview Tips for a Confident Interview!

Top 5 Interview Tips for a Confident Interview taken from my Interview Training Program.


You have an Interview! The payoff! Wahoo!!!! That exciting moment you’re invited to interview! At the same time, all the details and possibly a few doubts come rushing through your head: “Am I ready?”, “What do I say if they ask about ......?”, “I haven’t interviewed in years!”.

Confidence and Preparation are key! We behave a certain way, or put on our “work hat”, for work. Interviewing is no different. It’s crucial that we “train” for it and get our mindset in the “Interview Zone”. Interview training is just one aspect of the services offered through Golden Hiring Solutions. I have created a complete training program that includes mock interview trainings, to develop a confident "you" when you walk in to and out of that interview.


I asked 10 different people that have reviewed and gone through the training to tell me their Top 5 takeaways from the training. I wanted to share them with you all to give you a view of my training and services:


1. Research the industry and company. Re-read the job description. Never go into an interview, including a phone interview, unprepared!

2. When answering the questions, try to put your answer in to 3 parts.

  • Task (what)

  • Process (How)

  • Resolution (close)

3. Try to keep your 3 Part answers between 30 seconds & 3 minutes. The longer answers can be used for times when you are asked about descriptive or precise programs/projects.

4. Practice your responses. “Training your brain and tongue!” The first few times may not feel natural. Do it repeatedly, record yourself on your phone or computer or better yet, with a friend.

5. Don't worry about sounding too practiced! Some people worry that if they rehearse their answers, they'll sound "Canned" or “Too Practiced” during the interview. Not true! When you’re prepared, you'll sound knowledgeable, articulate, and most of all, CONFIDENT!

https://www.goldenhiringsolutions.com to sign up for the full training program.


FREE professional resume evaluations are always available shauna.severin@goldenhiringsolutions.com


Shauna Severin


“SUCCESS isn't just about what you accomplish in your life. It's about what you INSPIRE others to do” I am passionate about helping people find a job that they enjoy and still maintain work - life balance. I'm a Career Coach, Resume Writer and Revision Specialist. I have very little overhead, so I do NOT have to charge you $500 to give you that level of service. My goal is to help you find a job that you will love; together we will work on your Professional Resume until it represents "You" in a format that will get through the ATS networks and in front of the companies you want to work for. As a team, we can customize your service with a Professional Resume, Interview training, Job search assistance, recommendations to potential hiring teams, LinkedIn profile revision and counter offer proposals.

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