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Training for Purpose

The purpose of training is that it helps you gain the qualifications, knowledge and skills in a particular area of interest.

As an athlete, do your own research when choosing a coach/team.  Anyone can direct you on where to go and give you advice as an outsider. Just remember, the person who knows where you lack/gain the most, is yourself! Be a leader, not a follower.

You can do research on your own by visiting different Rink/Team sites where you can locate contact  information for Hockey Directors, Former/Current professional Athletes and Coaches. Take advantage of  social media (Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook). You want to make connections with people. You never know who they may know to help guide you in the correct direction.

Visit multiple training facility’s and schedule a meeting and lesson with a coach that you may be interested in to try out before you make any decisions. Every Organization and Coach instructs their own specific way so with that being said, you need to find a coach whom you know you will connect with the best to help you take the next step with your career. As an Athlete, you put a lot of time and money into training so you want to make sure you are pleased with your choice before you fully commit.

To become a successful athlete, you need to surround yourself with positive, honest, sincere people who influence you in a good manner.  Stay committed to your training on and off the ice which incudes: healthy diet, planning your training for on and off the ice, setting personal goals for yourself short and long term and review on a daily basis. By doing all of this, you are building a stronger platform for yourself.

Diet is extremely important for an athlete. Plan your meals before each week begins. Meal prep every      Sunday to start the week off correctly. If you need help with your food choices and guidance on how to get started with meal prepping, schedule an appointment with a Sports Nutritionist.

An Athlete must dedicate themselves for any direction they choose to go in life. Always put in 110%  with your performance on and off the ice. There will be  plenty of ups and downs in your training and in life. You need to look at them as a help to make you stronger physically and mentally. If your training feels too easy, you aren’t working hard enough! Make something out of what you were gifted with and you will have a strong positive story to share down the road if you make it as a professional in your sport or not.


Danielle Logano


Born in Middletown, CT where I began the sport of figure skating at the age of 5. Current residence is Charlotte, NC where I run my hockey business, Logano Power Skating out of the Extreme Ice Center in Indian Trail, NC. I have Been skating now for over 20 years, turning Professional at age 18 traveling all of over the country performing in multiple ice shows. Growing up and training in Simsbury, Connecticut, I have learned the quality fundamentals of power skating & edge development from elite coaches. I now translate my figure skating knowledge to hockey players from beginner to Professional level. I currently train players in the NHL-Eric Nystrom, Kevan Miller, Shane Harper and AHL Bryan Moore, ECHL,OHL, USHL, NAHL, USPHL. The goal is to improve a hockey player’s biomechanics, edge quality, power, transitions, starts, strength on the puck and overall performance in the game.

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