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Which hat(s) do you wear when it comes to running your business?

When starting or running a company, it is important to know which hats are right for you to wear and which hats you might need other people to wear. This way, you can focus on the things you are good at, and let other people take care of the things that are not your top abilities. 


Here are the 5 hats of business:

Visionary—The visionary is responsible for creating the big picture (where your business is going). What products or services will you create? What do people in your niche want and need? Most entrepreneurs are visionaries and need help fulfilling the other roles of operating a business.

Marketer—Some people are natural born marketers and others are not. The marketer is responsible for all aspects of generating interest in your products and services. Who is best suited to define your brand and maintain it? Who can efficiently generate leads and manage your communications?

Salesperson—A great salesperson has the skills that are necessary to interact with your prospects and present your products and services. The salesperson is able to assess which product or service will benefit your customers and help them overcome any objections they may have during the buying process.

Manager—If now or at any point your company has several employees, you will need managers to make sure that they are focused on the right tasks. Managers watch over the processes and systems to make sure that everything and everyone are working towards achieving your overall goals.

Driver—Who is out there every day making sure that everything you want to achieve is being done? The driver motivates and leads the team. This applies to marketing, sales or any other department. The driver is essential to moving toward the vision of your company.


You can wear multiple hats, but all these pieces must be working coherently to grow your business. Ask yourself: Which role(s) are you? Which ones are you not? Remember to hire, trade, or partner with people who play at the things you have to work at to fill all 5 hats.

-Keith Chemlen


Keith Chemlen


Keith has lived and loved the wonderful world of Entrepreneurship since a very young age. At just 13 years old, he started a Landscape Services Company in his neighborhood which grew quickly and became extremely profitable. This introduction to Business taught him valuable lessons which he later applied to a variety of other companies. He enjoys all aspects of Sales and Marketing, and enjoys teaching others how to apply the strategies that are necessary to take their Businesses to new levels.

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