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You are what you eat!

We’ve all heard the phrase, “You are what you eat,” but what does it really mean? It means that the foods or beverages we consume (and the properties of those foods or beverages) have a direct relationship with how we feel and perform. Today’s professional athletes know a lot about nutrition for performance- they must know nutrition for peak performance if they want to find continued success and longevity in their careers. However, with a little bit of knowledge of food and chemistry, we can all fuel our bodies to perform at our best too.

I remember years ago as a young sales manager in a Marriott hotel, my Director of Sales and Marketing would always enjoy a dessert after lunch in the employee cafeteria. After lunch one day I went to speak with him. Because I had eaten lunch with him, I had seen first had the large piece of chocolate cake he enjoyed for dessert. As I spoke to him, I watched his eyes grow heavy with sleep. We got on well, so I thought it would be funny to continue talking and watch him struggle to stay awake. I was chuckling inside because as I would raise and lower my tone, I could watch his head bob up and down! Needless to say, his work performance that afternoon was probably not his best effort.

Most people reading this have already recognized this as the “sugar effect” that can zap your energy, and that this reaction is caused by a chemical reaction in your body. What many people don’t realize is that all food consumption causes a chemical reaction in the body, and that by controlling the mix of foods that you eat, the corresponding chemical reactions inside your body can improve your physical well being and everyday performance.

An interesting concept with a growing following is Trophology. Trophology is the science behind combining foods for healthiest nutrition and digestion. In short, Trophology separates food into their various groupings and sub groupings: 2 protein groups- concentrated and light proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vegetables, sugars, 2 fruit groups- acid fruits and sub-acid fruits, a separate group for melons and finally milk.

When eating a meal, certain combinations digest well together and certain combinations do not digest well together. If you have a steak and salad for dinner [concentrated protein and vegetable] you will not feel as full and sluggish afterwards as you might if you add a baked potato [carbohydrate]. This is because of the chemical reactions that occur when consuming proteins and starches. Proteins need an acidic environment to maximize digestion and they get this via the acidic enzyme pepsin in the stomach. Similarly, a starch requires an alkaline environment for productive digestion. This begins when the alkaline juice ptyalin is secreted from saliva in the mouth during chewing and, once swallowed, continues in the stomach. However, when combined, as you recall from chemistry class, an acid and an alkaline begin to cancel each other out and this then slows digestion. In most cases, the starch will digest first leaving the heavier protein waiting in the stomach, creating that full sluggish feeling we all have experienced.

So before you have that next big meal, here is a quick guide to healthy food combinations- bon appetit!

Proteins..................with Carbohydrates or Acid Fruits or Fats or Milk......No!
Proteins...................with Sub Acid Fruits or Vegetables .............................Yes!
Carbohydrates .......with Proteins or Acid Fruits or Milk ...........................No!
Carbohydrates..........with Vegetables or Sub Acid Fruits or Fats.................Yes!
Sub Acid Fruits........with fats or vegetables.................................................Yes!

Vegetables will combine well with everything except for tomatoes [acid] and potatoes [starch].
Melons should always be eaten alone for optimum digestion and benefit.
Light proteins such as beans, nuts, avocado, whole grains and soybean products are relatively compatible with fats.

Bill Schroeder


Bill Schroeder


I have been in love with Psychology and its applications in everyday life since high school. Understanding people and understanding yourself can help a person improve an incredible array of things in their personal, educational and professional life. After 15 years of wonderful experiences in sales and sales management with Marriott Hotels, a huge takeaway is one of their simple mantras - "it's all about the relationships." True relationships require an understanding about the other person and about yourself. The mantra can also be viewed as the relationship between your passion and yourself, and for that, a person really needs to understand the requirements of the passion and one's own strengths and challenge areas required to be successful in the pursuit of their passion. I love helping people get a strategy and process together to achieve their goals However, I firmly believe without learning and understanding yourself- your strengths, your passions, your motivators, what makes you “you,” a strategy and process for goal achievement will prove to be very difficult. Through the skills and tools I have been taught at Better Life Training, let me help you understand yourself, set your strategy and create a successful process to achieve your goals. Let’s do it! **************************************** EDUCATION: MBA Queens University..........B.A. Psychology University of Rhode Island ......Certifications: Certified DISC Behaviors and Motivators Practitioner.......Senior Real Estate Sales Specialist...14 Marriott Sales and Management training courses.....4 Keller Williams Realty Sales and Account Management courses.....10 Years of Mandatory NC Real Estate Continuing Education Coursework.

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