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You've Got More Within You Than You Realize

Did you ever believe you did a job well done, only to find out your internal definition of "well done" was not shared by others? Sometimes it is as simple as a misunderstanding of expectations and you can easily correct your outcome to meet another’s vision. But, sometimes you realize that your vision of your own capability has stopped short of your true potential and you find yourself challenged with creating a new path toward excellence.

After graduating from college, a roommate and I went down to to St Thomas in the USVI to delay joining the “real world.” We got jobs at a small resort, he as a bartender and me as a waiter. We found a place to live with others like us who worked at the resort and lived in a house overlooking the resort bay It was a great time and I was done with school, little did I realize how much I would continue to learn.

One of our roommates, Michael, also taught shop in the local middle school and had a small and land clearing business on the side called Brushbusters. Once day Michael asked if I would like to make some extra money clearing a path from a client’s home high on a hillside above Magens Bay down to the water. I thought nothing of it, said yes and looked forward to some extra cash. The next day Michael showed me the technique to use his Brushcutter, gave me the keys to his jeep and sent me off to blaze away.

The Brushcutter which was like an edger trimmer on steroids. Heavy and powerful, it has and engine on the back of a 5 ‘ steel shaft, a harness that you had to strap yourself into, and a circular blade that could cut through a 6” diameter tree. The path would angle down the side of the slope about a quarter mile and would have to be cut through jungle type terrain. While I was dressed for clearing work- completely covered except for my face- I didn’t realize how hot, humid and sticky it would be on the hillside. Drenched in sweat, exhausted and spent, I finally finished, walked back up the hillside over my new path and drove home to shower and go straight to bed.

The next morning Michael asked me what happened, as the client was extremely unhappy with the job. He told Michael the job wasn’t close to done and Michael wasn’t getting paid until it was finished. I immediately got defensive, said the path goes all the way to the water and should be fine. Together we drove out to solve the confusion. Before our meeting meeting with the client, we went straight to the path. After looking at my work Michael realized the problem. He knew I was feeling defensive, but what he said next was the game changer. He said “Bill, I know you tried hard and I know this is a brutal job to do, but the secret is... it’s an attitude. The whole job itself.... it’s an attitude.” With that he started the brush cutter and began to clear away. After five feet he had tripled the width of my little footpath and stopped. He turned to me and said “This is want they want- can you do it?” I looked at what he had done, but more importantly I had heard his words and replied “No problem!” I cut like a crazy man that day and I am sure that path is still there to this day!

Little did Michael know that on that day he was not just a teacher, but my mentor and coach as well. How often have we all thought we were only to not realize we had not tapped into our inner capability? While I realize digging deep within is hard work, exhausting and sometimes stressful, just remember........"it’s an attitude.”


Bill Schroeder


I have been in love with Psychology and its applications in everyday life since high school. Understanding people and understanding yourself can help a person improve an incredible array of things in their personal, educational and professional life. After 15 years of wonderful experiences in sales and sales management with Marriott Hotels, a huge takeaway is one of their simple mantras - "it's all about the relationships." True relationships require an understanding about the other person and about yourself. The mantra can also be viewed as the relationship between your passion and yourself, and for that, a person really needs to understand the requirements of the passion and one's own strengths and challenge areas required to be successful in the pursuit of their passion. I love helping people get a strategy and process together to achieve their goals However, I firmly believe without learning and understanding yourself- your strengths, your passions, your motivators, what makes you “you,” a strategy and process for goal achievement will prove to be very difficult. Through the skills and tools I have been taught at Better Life Training, let me help you understand yourself, set your strategy and create a successful process to achieve your goals. Let’s do it! **************************************** EDUCATION: MBA Queens University..........B.A. Psychology University of Rhode Island ......Certifications: Certified DISC Behaviors and Motivators Practitioner.......Senior Real Estate Sales Specialist...14 Marriott Sales and Management training courses.....4 Keller Williams Realty Sales and Account Management courses.....10 Years of Mandatory NC Real Estate Continuing Education Coursework.

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