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Better Life Training has a multitude of assessments that you can resell to clients and other coaches. And, if you're a Preferred Coach on Better Life Training, in your dashboard is the discount code - you get 15% off any assessment you purchase!

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Below are three of our most popular assessments!


Price: $86.25 Wholesale price only for our paid coaches

Type: Behaviors & Motivators

Behaviors and Motivators Index

This evaluation is part of the DISC program and is widely used for all types of people in business, life, and sports. It's designed to help improve the individual's performance and is based in part on the idea that each individual is unique within their own personality and as a result has a unique behavioral style. One core element is understanding how our behaviors influence our actions. The assessment takes into account the value and role communication with others plays in all aspects of life, business, and sports.Understanding what motivates others in life is important, as it may help build strong, lasting, productive relationships. It's common to discover when there are problems or challenges in relationships, whether it is personal or professional, it usually a result of a mismatch in motivators or values.



Price: $51.75 Wholesale price only for our paid coaches

Type: Axiology, Behaviors & Motivators

The Work Life Index

The Work Life Index is designed to measure work life success factors such as mental clarity factors, emotional bias factors, soft skills and stress factors. One of the most comprehensive profiles used widely by coaches within all practices. It includes aspects of Axiology, DISC, and Behaviors & Motivators. Coaches view this as a "one-stop shop" that brings the constructs of how an individual values all aspects of their lives - work, play, and personal development. 

These values are analyzed with the underlying behaviors and motivating factors that influence how individuals make choices with respect to relationships, work, and sports. This assessment is designed to highlight strengths, as well as “blind spots” or emotional conditioning barriers, that may be preventing a person from achieving professional success and personal happiness. This information is often a critical stepping stone for each individual to know. The goal is to present a comprehensive view of the individual and what drives their choices and actions, and how to best develop skills and patterns to help them become their personal and professional best.



Price: $51.75 Wholesale price only for our paid coaches

Type: Behavioral Sports Style Index

The Behavioral Sports Style Index

This assessment is used for sports and measures 15 behavioral factors that demonstrate HOW players communicate verbally and nonverbally, both on and off the field, court or course. By understanding how someone interacts with others, you will be able to create better team dynamics and helps coaches to be more effective. There is no "right or wrong" style - the goal is to unlock the constructs of playing style to help the individual become a better individual player, team contributor, and competitive force.


These are three of dozens of assessments we have:

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Targeted Assessments

For your personal growth, or for your clients - and your business.

DISC Assessment

The DISC Assessment is designed to help you grow as a brand. It allows you to have a better understanding of yourself and your audience with regard to the relationship that needs to be maintained in order for your brand to have unlimited potential.

Motivators Assessment

The Motivators Assessment helps you figure out why you behave the way you do. What motivates us to act in a certain way? Once you understand this about you and your clients, you will have the ability to create a bond based on morale.

Values Assessment (Axiology)

Axiology is the philosophical study of value. The study dives into the notion of worth and value within the construct of business, sports, and personal development.

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