Culture and Cognitive Dissonance


There is nothing more important to the success of companies and even countries then the creation of culture.  A culture is a system of values, beliefs and customs within an organization and within a community.  The “culture” of an organization is not in itself visual, but it largely impacts the behavior of everyone in the community and organization.

Many leaders throughout history know that a good culture is required and necessary, but very few will build a culture with specific intent.  Three methods can be implemented to ensure the right culture is being created.

  1. Requiring it.
  2. Recognizing it.
  3. Rewarding it.

Unfortunately, most companies and communities suffer from cognitive dissonance.  Companies and communities promote one thing but reward another. As a result, the long term vision of a community or company is blurred; unity is broken and mental turmoil results.  We become stressed when our mind tries to hold two incompatible values.

As a leader, staying on track and building the culture with intention is key.  Stepping up is usually not easy, convenient and most times not popular.  Accepting a culture going in the wrong direction is doing a disservice to your company and community.   When members of a company or community are aligned everyone grows professionally and personally.

The presence of cognitive dissonance can be seen as a fork in the road and can be a catalyst for change.

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Melanie Shiell

Melanie Shiell

Melanie has a passion for people. Described by her peers as a "compassionate, knowledgeable, and inspiring soul"; she empowers others to be more, have more and do more. Melanie believes that it's the struggle that makes you great and excellence is always on the other side of inconvenience. With a background in mindset mastery and leadership development, Melanie will motivate, inspire and awaken the greatness that lies within you.

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