How to Evaluate High Potential Leadership

How to Evaluate High Potential Leadership


People who are leaders possess control, organization, and guidance. When owning a company, or maintaining a high position in a company, you are naturally placed into that role. If it doesn’t come naturally, it takes adapting to avoid problems.

When seeking out leadership potential in your employees, the aforementioned qualities are the ones to look for. The difference is that there are “office politics” that make it hard to evaluate high potential leadership in employees. Additionally, there are company-specific aspects to look out for.

For example, if someone demonstrates to you (directly or indirectly) that they are extremely knowledgeable about the company or product, it means that they have taken it upon themselves to study and be their best selves in the office. Some will demonstrate expertise which is invaluable to a company. Molding themselves to become experts also shows that they demonstrate ambition.

Ambition and drive are crucial in identifying potential leadership in an employee. When an employee is ambitious, they go above and beyond. They map out their way up in the company and create strategic relationships. Ambition is intrinsic when it comes to work and will be easily read by the amount of effort put into his/her project. Ambition may come with some outspokenness, which is fine. The employee has thought enough about the company/product to come up with a new opinion and has taken the initiative to express it. Given that they demonstrate this respectfully, that too becomes an invaluable asset as a company always has potential to grow.

Finally, leadership by definition is the ability to guide others. A true leader helps his comrades without competitive envy to aid to the wellbeing of the company. It’s often the employee who is shuffling over to a colleague’s desk to help out with a project… one they weren’t assigned. They are also always happy to answer a colleague’s question, and do so with ease.

People like this are showing that they can handle more responsibility. Giving a promotion to someone that you have found to be a leader only enhances their performance. Additionally, as your company begins to expand, you will rest easy with the knowledge that someone who you know is able to take on higher roles.


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