Living From A Place of Purpose

Living From A Place of Purpose


Living Your Why

Simon Sinek’s YouTube inspired explains the need for what he refers to as your personal “Why Statement” . This statement very nicely explains why you are making so much effort to engage with others, why anyone should buy what you sell, and why you even get out of bed every morning despite the problems in your life. In the practice of yoga we refer to these studies as finding your dharma. And if you are lucky to actually live it, then you have discovered what the ancient texts of India describe as your Sri Dharma or “master plan”.

Living with Purpose

Living a life of purpose is therefore a quest we naturally seek. It allows us to move towards waking up and finding the ultimate reason why we were born to this form, within this world, at this time. Have you ever wondered why someone living the dream (like Michael Jackson or Prince) or someone as beautiful as Marilyn Monroe would get to the top and yet become so addicted to drugs or alcohol that they leave it all and die? Why do so many people we work with and live among behave in self sabotaging ways? The reason is deep fear of the void.

Getting Lost is Part of The Plan

There comes a time where we fulfill one purpose and we need another. Our personal happiness meter can not remain on high because of the accumulation of praise or expensive things. It is normal to get bored with the mastery of things. It is here, in the void between what was and what will be. It is in that fear that creeps into our space. High expectations can be suffocating if we are not grounded in some sense of ‘why’. This need to be an internal motivator (fearing that if we don’t, we will suffer and burn meeting other’s expectations of what makes them happy) is at the expense of our own health, wealth, or relationships. If we are not in touch with core values, our human craving to fill our five senses will act as the perfect distraction from taking on the work of our ultimate purpose. While it is an uncomfortable feeling to suddenly feel empty amongst the work you used to love, it is human nature to feel that emptiness once in a while. It is a blessed reminder to stop playing your life from the outside and to start trusting their is something even more special within.

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Lisa Holland

Lisa Holland

Dr. Lisa Holland is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, a Certified Women's Health Coach, A Certified Yoga Therapist and Axiology Practitioner. As a long time mind/ body health expert she has been empowering women by coaching them out of their pain and into a calmer body , better mindset and more satisfying lifestyle for over two decades. Her work is based upon reconnecting women to their personal story, the magic of their bodies and the unexpressed power of a well owned divine feminine leadership style. As a women's health advocate, she celebrates lady leaders biweekly on Owning HER Health, her popular podcast on iTunes. As CEO of Belly Guru LLc, Lisa has been offering a forward thinking proactive healthcare model for treating woman's pain and performance for the past twelve years. To consult, have her speak at your event, arrange a training for your team or get care visit

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