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Barbara Ives

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We believe all beings want to live an inspired life, to be loved, appreciated and valued. We aim to create and cultivate a friendly yoga retreat centre and community, to share our passion and love of Yoga. Our approach is to fully support and assist our clients on their journey of transformation in a nurturing, supportive and non judgemental way. We work creatively to ensure our clients feel included. As teachers and professionals, we are guided by our integrity, kindness, compassion, respect for one another. We treat others as they wish to be treated, we listen and adapt to our clients needs. We teach from a place of honesty, integrity and an open heart. We invite clients to discover their own luminous nature through comprehensive yoga instruction, from beginner to advanced, we bring you meditation, mindfulness, workshops, retreats, immersions, teacher trainings, coaching and mentoring and philosophical study and continuing personal development

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