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Chrissy Cook

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As an online business owner, consultant, network marketer, and coaching advisor, I help individuals, online/offline business owners, and those who are new to the coaching profession, understand the importance of creating work/life balance, setting goals, and following their true passions in life. Through the power of self assessments, I'm able to provide more targeted services, solutions, and opportunities to find the perfect fit for a client's portfolio of interest and expertise. My professional background of client management/services, program implementation, customer service, and patient advocacy within the Healthcare Industry coupled with many years of leadership, team building, and internet marketing, allows me the expertise and knowledge needed to assist clients looking to improve themselves or discovery what they really want out of life. Being afford the opportunity to be the primary caregiver for my Nana for seven years, allowed me to develop a specialized skill set in patient advocacy for the elderly, specifically those with Alzheimer and/or Dementia. My experience in healthcare administration, insurance programs, and actually being in the family member role, I found there is a tremendous need to help others not only navigate our convoluted healthcare system, but provide the necessary coaching through the journey which will be needed. By coaching and providing valuable first hand knowledge to families/caregivers to those who are just starting this journey or find themselves at the crossroad of "what happens now", they are able to navigate the healthcare system and/or find additional resources for assistance, and receive support to complete the journey. My journey with Nana was an incredible life changing experience and I feel very blessed to have been chosen for the journey, it's the trials & tribulations from this journey which drive me to make a difference for others and is the Passion which fills my soul.

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