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Chloe Rand

A few things to know about me:

I enjoy yoga and biking. Working out gives me a better sense of self and makes me feel better overall.

My role with most clients:

Cheerleader | Empowerer | Motivator

The best person for me to work with or assist is:

Is someone who is about to give up or has been struggling for a long time. I want them to know that I am here to help them and that there is hope.

The sorts of challenges they might be facing are:

Feeling tons of doubts or that they are at a loss.


Hi my name is Chloe and I am a professional dating coach! I have been in this industry for the past 9 years and LOVE every minute of it. I currently reside in Boston where I am happily married and have 3 kids. If you asked me a decade ago if I would have ever become a professional dating coach, I would have said yes, and here's why: For as long as I can remember I’ve been intrigued with the courtship process. I knew I wanted to be a professional dating coach when I saw way too many of my friends (women in particular) struggling to find that special someone. Selecting that special someone is one of the most important decisions you will probably ever make in your life. Just think about how much effort, emotion, and time we pour into finding a partner. Stress no more- as I am here to help!

Nowadays, dating has becoming even tougher because of social media and all of the dating apps available out there. That is when I come in to help. My job isn't to find you the perfect person. Instead, I'm more about instilling in you the skills so you can find that match yourself and maintain a healthy relationship with them. Overall, when I speak to my clients, they tell me it's almost like having a therapy session and are very grateful I've given them hope again.

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