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Erica McCurdy

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I am the outlier on the scattergram, the high abstract thinker on the team. When you need help pulling yourself out of the weeds, it's probably time for us to have a chat. As a Certified Master Coach, Member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and Forbes Coaches Council, I have over 25 years of experience looking at the world through a different lens and making sure you have a strategy for getting un-stuck. Together, we will move quickly and efficiently at a pace that gets results and is sensitive to your budget. I work with clients around the world to help them make positive changes in their business and in their life. After working with me, my clients universally say that they have gained a new and unique perspective and now think differently. Recognized as an expert resource in national publications such USNews, Entrepreneur.com, The Network News, Recruiter.com, GoodEveryDay blog, Money For Lunch Radio, Money Nomad, FlexJobs.com and more. I am your concierge consultant for whatever is holding you back. We work together to de-sterilize the process of determining the best next steps for you or your organization. My clients learn how to ask the right questions and engage their own particular expertise to get to the heart of what is holding them back.

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