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Daniel Fung

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Daniel Fung is a Certified Life, Business, Career, and Accountability Coach. He has 25 years of corporate experience specializing in Supply Chain Management before starting his coaching practice in 2014. In the past year, he has become more spiritual and more conscious of the higher power.

Daniel, is better known as the DreamMaker in his circle. He helps clients create deeper self-awareness, find clarity and then make it real. He'll help you create more structure in your life so you'll achieve your goals and dreams to live the life you intended.

Daniel is driven to get you results. 


Daniel has been coaching since 2014 and has many great testimonials (see below). He will ask you simple, yet deep question in regards to what you want in life; help you clarify your vision; help you create your intentions and goals; and help you make it real. He believes in having his clients search for the answers rather than telling them what to do. It provides the client a richer overall experience.

Daniels specializes in the following areas:

  • Overcoming fear
  • Discovering your fear triggers
  • Forgiveness (letting go)
  • Gratitudes & Acknowledgments
  • Creating a new mindset
  • NLP
  • Building confidence
  • Communication
  • Self-Awareness
  • Managing time
  • Goal setting
  • Taking action
  • Discovering your purpose
  • Intellect vs. Intuition
  • Meditation using binaural beats
  • Breathing
  • The power of your language
  • And much more


Daniel is also an International  Best Selling Co-Author where he and 22 other authors published “Obstacles Equal Opportunities.” Each author talks about their life lesson and turning it around to live more freely.

Daniel’s ultimate goal is to empower, inspire and transform 1,000,000 people to live their dreams and not someone else. Are you truly living the life you intended?

Daniel is considered an INFP and his top 5 traits in the StrengthsFinder are Learner, Achiever, Futuristic, Ideation, and Activator.

Daniel is a strong listener and makes sure he understands your message by asking questions for clarification. He’ll also challenge you in making sure that you are clear with your thoughts.


I can honestly say that the one coaching session that I had with you was the catalyst that accelerated my career path in the direction I have wanted to go for years now.  – Peter

Daniel is a fantastic coach. He made me feel at ease on the first call. Each week he made sure I fully understood the information covered in the chapter before we moved onto the next.  He did not hesitate to call me out if he thought my fear was answering or if I did not look deep enough. It was a great journey of self-discovery. I look forward to taking everything he taught me and practicing it in my life.— Debbra

I am very grateful that when I started my coaching journey, Daniel was paired with me to be my coach. We had an instant connection within the first session that lasted through out. In this process you dig deep and much of what is discussed is very, very personal. With Daniel I was at ease and felt he was a trustworthy person to share it all with. I took the approach that the more I shared and the more open I was, the more I would get out of the program. He gave me an open ear and a safe place to do that. – Brad

Daniel is very professional, sincere, supportive and encouraging throughout my 10-week program. He was always punctual on our calls and was wonderful in encouraging me to 'let the work - work me'. This is a great program that really helps you explore what is holding someone back AND provides great tools to deal with uncomfortable situations. I am a better, stronger and more confident person today and I look forward to additional coaching with Daniel. – Kit

THANK YOU for ALL THE WORK, TIME, PATIENCE, and GUIDANCE you have provided. The change in my thought patterns and behavior have been so heavily impacted in the most positive way. I look forward to future sessions as well.

Thank you for the investment you have made
I was one person following two career paths. I was afraid to let go of the safe route and follow the mysterious unknown passionate one, but I understand that fear tactically holds us back from the unknown, where our soul desires to wander. I specifically feel like I am moving in the direction of freedom with my career, but also with the
Coaching with Daniel is a fun experience. I looked forward to the encouraging calls and insights he provided each week. He desires to see his clients understand the material and discover their true passions and desires for themselves. He patiently coached me through emotional and physical risks that seemed far out of reach before starting the program. I highly recommend coaching with Daniel Fung. He will undoubtedly coach you towards your true inner passions. relationships I am rebuilding with my family, which my huge emotional risk since starting coaching.I had specific concerns about being coached by a male, but there was never any discomfort in sharing personal information with you. I was afraid that I would be coached or pushed or persuaded in a direction that wasn’t where I wanted to go, but coaching is all about what my

my life and seeing me grow. You are a tremendous coach and it was wonderful working with you!!into
willingness is to do what I’m saying I want to do. — Stephanie

Thanks for the connection Daniel, I looked at your timeline and business page and WOW! I'm in a better mood than I was 10 minutes ago! You are quite an inspiration! Is that your family in your cover photo? Such genuine happiness! – FB Friend

Thank you Daniel! We definitely make a great team and you’re only able to see these qualities in me because you also have them within yourself. Thank you for being one of the kindest, caring and thoughtful men I know. You’ve helped to restore my faith in men. – Vanessa

Daniel, thank you very much for your coaching and guidance. I have now started my small business as an orphanage with two kids. My next step is to start a school and own the land that I rent from. – Hanna

Daniel, you are very easy to talk to. You have a very calming voice, and you listen to my wants and needs. I trusted you right from the start and was able to open up. I’m grateful to have you as my coach – Glenna

The key aspect I enjoyed on our calls was your ability to connect and really focus on self-development. Your experience, communication style and ability to connect were strong. - Daniel

Daniel is an honest heart-felt man whom I trust. I would have no hesitation in recommending him to others. – Linda

Daniel is a thoughtful and well-grounded coach who is constantly learning and refining his craft. - Eric



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