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I blend my athletic world of training (a special form of yoga that strengthens the body, breath and mindful awareness) called JOGA and my career as a coach and trainer to help athletes achieve their goals and create benchmarks they can see. I am in my practicum training to become a fully certified Coach in both Canada and the United States in this very elite form of coaching. When asked what areas of expertise I thrive in, I have to say sports. I admire the drive, passion, friendships, commodore and excitement an athlete lives with on a daily basis. Athletes are truly so blessed and I wish to help them continue to succeed and remember WHY they decided to play in the very first place: due to their love of the game! It's a GAME. My specialty is quite simple - I take the time to get to know what motivates the athlete. Everyone plays for their own reasons, memories and goals. Creating that blend of happiness, success and continued growth is passion. Believing in what you do not see as of yet is called faith and I have faith in every single client I meet for we only know the possible once we reach beyond our limited vision. I am a blend of many careers which has helped me connect with amateur and professional athletes. During my corporate career I was an in-house trainer / facilitator for Franklin Covey; *What Matters Most; * Seven Habits of Highly Effective People; and * Principle Centered Leadership I enjoyed the personal aspect of coaching people one-on-one and in auditorium settings so they could achieve the balance of being who they wanted to be and feel such self confidence in their entire life. Leaving the corporate world behind I made a conscious decision to learn & live from what I taught; living MY passion. Helping people emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. As a certified Reiki Master I studied at the West Coast Reiki Centre in Vancouver, British Columbia, CANADA. While in Vancouver I created a very successful meditation practice helping people cope with anxiety, goal setting, anger/release, getting them to focus and remain present so they could be what they manifest. I take what I do very seriously and every client is required to set expectations and benchmarks for their definition of success. I am here to facilitate the vision and remove the roadblocks so they can achieve total life happiness. Simple really - but it's dedication and teamwork to make it all come together.

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