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Lissette ( Lisa) HollandPreferred Coach

A few things to know about me:

I am the mom of 2 teens, coach mind, body, and spirit and opened one of the first physio-yoga wellness centers in 2005.

My role with most clients:

Expert | Empowerer | Healer

The best person for me to work with or assist is:

An active, open-minded woman btw the ages of 13-60 who is going through some personal life changes. With or without pain, she has a desire to uplevel her life and is ready to own her personal story.

The sorts of challenges they might be facing are:

Performance, Visibility, Courage to start or step up to a stronger presence in their industry or career.


Dr. Lisa Holland, PT, DPT, WHC, C-IAYT, CBP is a healer, coach, and a motivational speaker. She works with the powerful female game changers in the realms of health and wellness as well as young women emerging as heart led leaders.

While she continues to see a small number of pain and performance clients, Dr. Lisa has a passion for helping fellow healthcare providers make the switch to serve as powerful coaches themselves. She created “The Mind-Body Brand Academy”, an incubator group program and monthly mastermind for female health leaders in the early stages of their practice as they jump the hurdles into prosperity in a fun and collaborative way. She hosts a podcast called Owning HER Health and an online Facebook community called “The Goddess Wisdom Mastermind“ where professional women and the public celebrate, collaborate, ask questions and share personal growth experiences

To connect with Lisa visit WWW.DrLisaHollandPT.com

Certified Yoga Therapist and Yogic Lifestyle coach ( International Association of Yoga Therapists) 

Certified Women's Health Coach ( Integrative Women's Health Institute, specializing in lifestyle and holistic recovery approaches to work/life balance, chronic pain, emotional stress and inflammatory lifestyles) 

Doctor of Physical Therapy ( mentoring experience in mind/body performance coaching, hormone healing, coaching pain change, motivational interviewing, social media and client marketing platform strategy, emotional intelligence and change readiness for health providers) 

Certified Behaviors and Motivators Practitioner, Certified Axiology Practitoner 


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