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Allison KaresPreferred Coach

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After 23 years of working in the Health, Rehab and Fitness Industries, I created a facility with a team of instructors that will provide you a wellness experience that meets all your needs. As a Certified Pilates Instructor and having worked as an exercise therapist in the rehab industry for 12 years, I have always been curious about efficient and effective movement. This passion has lead me to develop unique, comprehensive, evidence based program that will provide you with maximal results. In 2002, I completed my full certification through Stott Pilates and am proud to be one of only a few instructors in Niagara to hold this comprehesive training in all Pilates modalities. As well, I've taken many physiotherapy and therapeutic training programs to enhance your therapeutic and corrective exercise results. In 2012, I brought the PFilates, Pelvic Floor Pilates, method to Niagara. I continue to expand my knowledge of pelvic floor disorders and have created a program that is a rare combination of all the best approaches to urinary incontinence and pelvic floor disorders. I'm excited to meet with you and help you design a program that will work to help you achieve your ultimate movement potential.

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