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Shauna Severin

A few things to know about me:

I am driven to assist people find a job or career that enriches their lives. I have a huge servant personality and really try to be a positive force to people.

My role with most clients:

Collaborator | Cheerleader | Advisor

The best person for me to work with or assist is:

Anyone that is open to a little change. People that are willing to try a different approach and stretch their vision in their job search a little bit.

The sorts of challenges they might be facing are:

The biggest challenge I see, is a lack of direction and time to search.


“SUCCESS isn't just about what you accomplish in your life. It's about what you INSPIRE others to do” I am passionate about helping people find a job that they enjoy and still maintain work - life balance. I'm a Career Coach, Resume Writer and Revision Specialist. I have very little overhead, so I do NOT have to charge you $500 to give you that level of service. My goal is to help you find a job that you will love; together we will work on your Professional Resume until it represents "You" in a format that will get through the ATS networks and in front of the companies you want to work for. As a team, we can customize your service with a Professional Resume, Interview training, Job search assistance, recommendations to potential hiring teams, LinkedIn profile revision and counter offer proposals.

I have done interviewing and recruiting through out my 20+ year career. I have a servant personality and am truly passionate about helping others. With automation, there is a huge disconnect created when a person is applying for jobs. It can be very frustrating and requires some finesse and know how to get through the ATS networks and stand out. A year ago I started doing Career Coaching, Resume writing, Interview training and job search assistance and I really enjoy it. I have done a lot of Continuing Education to ensure that I am offering the latest and greatest information to assist my clients.

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