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Shelley Till

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Shelley has worked along side some of the most decorated basketball coaches and athletes in the country.  As a former college women’s basketball player and coach, Shelley combines her playing and coaching experiences with her leadership coach training to help you develop a Champion’s Mindset!

Shelley’s mission is to help build empowered, intentional leaders! She is passionate about helping you stand in your power and define your purpose so you can live passionately and win the game of life!

B.A. in Psychology & Business. Coach U® ICF Accredited Life Coach. New Life Story® Wellness Coach. Train to Be Clutch® Transformational Leader. National Consortium of Academics & Sport (NCAS) Leadership Development Trainer.

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Shelley posted a new article to the community: I Wish Someone Would've Told Me That!

September 29, 2017

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