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Stacey CohenPreferred Coach

A few things to know about me:

I love to help people with their business problems.

My role with most clients:

Advisor | Mentor | Consultant

The best person for me to work with or assist is:

a small business that is struggling.

The sorts of challenges they might be facing are:

financial issues and organizational/operational issues.


Reese is a professional business coach who loves helping businesses understand their potential for growth. For Reese, it all starts with Vision.

Without a vision, no company can realistically achieve sustainable growth and profitability. How does a company or its employees know what to achieve with no end goal? That's what vision provides - the end goal for management and employees to keep in mind as they go through their day-to-day work and build a better business. 

Even small companies require a vision. Once established, a roadmap needs to be written, implemented, and assessed at each step. For Reese, it doesn't matter what industry the company is in - the formula is the same. Vision, Roadmap, Measurement, Analysis, and Reassess. 

Reese hopes you will find her Vision Pathway - the method used to create a vision, roadmap, and analysis - useful for bringing your company from where it is today to where you want it be tomorrow. 

Reese has helped companies in various industries achieve growth and success. Companies in the financial, marketing, hospitality, and medical industries have benefited from Reese's knowledge and expertise. 

Reese uses her Vision Pathway method to take companies from chaos to clarity. After creating a vision with management, she brings the vision to the employees for buy-in. She coaches management and employees on how their roles in the company contribute to the ultimate vision. She also prepares a Pathway for management and specific Departments, showing each employee how they can implemet the Pathway and create the Vision.

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