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Christina Longo

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Do you find that your past injuries or aches and pains are slowing you down in your favorite sport or activity? Do you desire to understand how to train in the gym to prevent injury and enhance performance at the same time? Do you desire to have longevity in the sports and activities you love for years to come? Would you like this – a body that is mobile, balanced, stable and strong? Injury resistant and generally bulletproof? then you have come to the right place. Christina Longo presents... Become Bulletproof Fitness, Sport & Lifestyle Coaching System Your complete coach to help you play harder, move better and feel great! Working with Christina Longo and Bulletproof Bodies will help you: -Gain strength and conditioning skills, -Understand your body and how to keep it injury free -Develop a better lifestyle to keep you strong, energized and at your best. Our specializations include but are not limited to: - In gym & Online coaching -Injury Active Rehabilitation -Fascial Stretch Therapy - Body Composition Improvement - Sports Specific Strength & Conditioning

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