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Davidson Hang

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I love helping my clients achieve breakthroughs in relationships and in their careers. I have assisted clients getting jobs at Google, Rackspace, and various tech and biotech firms. I have helped my clients get jobs as developers, data analysts, marketers, finance, fintech companies, and many others. I have helped a client get a $59k raise after working with him for over a year. I love seeing the greatness in others and one of my greatest abilities is optimism. All of my clients are amazing beings and being able to support clients give me a strong sense of purpose. I am truly blessed and fortunate to have the opportunity to learn from such wonderful mentors here at Accomplishment Coaching. The level of training and quality of support is unlike any other. I would love to learn your story to see if there are any roadblocks preventing you from being what you would like to be and the goals you want to achieve in life. Lets partner together and co-create the life you always wanted to have! These are some of my client testimonials. “Davidson's sincere and insightful conversations helped guide me through breaking into a new career within the competitive technology landscape. I originally reached out to Davidson as I was impressed by his leadership within a Business & Sales group he created and administered on LinkedIn. Instead of turning down my request for assistance, he reached out and helped me narrow down what I was seeking in non-technical fashion. His business acumen helped turn my vision into a reality. I trust that whoever is looking to potentially begin a business relationship with Davidson will be in good hands.” “Davidson is an experienced professional. He assisted me in many ways in my career and was able to help me capture a devops engineer position. He was able to introduce me to the right people and send me on job interviews. I was able to work my way from a helpdesk admin to an engineer in less than 2 years. Davidson's attitude is always positive. Full of motivation and very much driven. You can trust him to make the right decision for your business.” “Davidson has been a strong coach that tirelessly works to build the skills and knowledge of those around him. His ability to provide value comes from a sturdy moral foundation of honesty and compassion. He is also a natural synthesizer of people in that he can quickly connect you with the right people to fulfill your needs. I would highly recommend Davidson."

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