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Nicole Webb

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Spirited Healer


Healing. This is one of the many journeys we take throughout this lifetime. Every body, every soul is a unique sum of their experiences on this earth. This is the approach taken in each session; by focusing on the individuality of the client, drawing on a combination of modalities and the use of muscle testing we are able to expedite the healing process. 

Spiritual Life Coaching is a pathway that opens up opportunities to heal the physical & emotional body through forgiveness, positive life changes and perspective shifts. We are truly holistic beings; working with the body, the mind, the heart and the spirit is the highest path one can walk through to achieve ongoing happiness and health. 

Reiki is an energy healing technique done through the laying of hands. The practitioner channels universal life force energy to the client and activates the natural healing capabilities of the client's body. This allows for the client to restore any imbalances, promote physical health and emotional wellness. 

Emotional Release is an exploration of the subconscious mind through a series of questions that are guided by muscle testing. Emotions can create an imbalance of energy in the physical body, creating physical symptoms. Here we are able to gain clarity on the emotion, who was involved and the event where it became trapped in the body. Through this technique we signal the subconscious to release the emotions and magnify this very intention with the use of magnets.

Biomagnetic Energy Healing is a therapy that safely eliminates pathogens in the body (parasites, bacteria, fungus, viruses and other germs that cause diseases and their symptoms). By eliminating these pathogens the body can then effectively heal from most diseases, dysfunctions, ailments and pain. This therapy consists of identifying pH imbalances in the body using muscle testing. The magnets are then applied to these areas and the magnetic energy reestablishes equilibrium (balanced pH) in the body.  

Based in Los Angeles ( Santa Monica) and certified in Soul Centered Living I -  a course in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica, Reiki Master practitioner and course level 2 Biomagnetism & BioenergeticsTherapy. These courses have enabled me to build a holistic tool box, that consists of a variety of modalities to draw upon, when facilitating each client in this journey of healing. 

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