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Ryan Haddon C.L.C, C.h.

A few things to know about me:

I'm a Certified Hypnotherapist and a Reiki Level IV Healer.

My role with most clients:

Collaborator | Listener | Empowerer | Healer

The best person for me to work with or assist is:

Is someone who is tired of working on their own to bring about change and who is open to being ready for a paradigm shift.

The sorts of challenges they might be facing are:

In a transition, lost purpose, done with old, mental patterns, ready to go deeper with their spirituality.


ICF Certified Life and Spiritual Coach. I will empower you by showing you how to stop being ruled by your circumstances, limitations and old ideas and instead start to create the life you are ready to manifest, right here, right now, regardless. I can help you improve your life by shifting the way you operate in it, on a deeper level, connected to something greater. Together, we will find a life of happiness and purpose and it will feel deeply meaningful.

I have found my own purpose by being of service to others and helping them get clear on where they want to go, spiritually, professionally and personally. I meet my clients right where they are in their process and through small, actionable steps we move the needle closer to where they'd always envisioned they'd be. In true partnership, we will create the life you love!

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Ryan posted a new article to the community: Shaped and Refined By the Journey Itself

September 10, 2018

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