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Susan Quinn

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I have studied the way the mind works and how we create problems for ourselves with and in our mind for the past 35 years. Using the powerful technologies of EFT, NLP EMDR and FasterEFT I am able to help people shift the perceptions of how they see themselves and the world in a very small amount of time. When we change what we hold in our minds our whole world changes! For over 25 years I have been a licensed therapist in private practice in Los Angeles and a Life Coach for 10 years. WITH INDIVIDUALS: I work with people who are bothered by anxiety, depression, fears, phobias, shame, overwhelm, anger, addictions, social anxiety and relationship issues. WITH COUPLES: I work on relationship issues and what is stopping them from creating a loving, passionate relationship. I work with each individual in a couple separately to help them remove obstacles to having the loving relationship they desire. My couples work includes work with both the partners together in the room and work individually. Many issues that are harming the relationship can be more easily done in individual sessions because there is less resistance to change in this kind of setting. Issues I work with: Midlife Crisis How to Feel Passionate About Your Life Feeling stuck in a career Loss and Grief Bringing new life into an established relationship Discovering what you really love Finding a new direction for your life Divorce- how to evaluate your relationship and look at all the possibilities for it Transitioning from college into adulthood

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