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Tracey Pike

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I am a registered and certified Yoga Instructor for 14 years and became a Healing Touch Practitioner/student about 6 years ago. I am always continuing my education in yoga safety, elder fitness, injury prevention and have always had a deep interest in energy work, medication, along with self-healing awareness studies. July 2015 I completed a 2 year program of the accredited course, Biodynamics Craniosacral Therapy, this was through a company called Body Intelligence, whom teach this course around the world. My full time position of work has been a Medical Office Assistant in a Family doctors office in Qualicum Beach since 1994. And over the 23 years of working there, I have been slowly shifting my ways more holistically in the approach to healing. Having been diagnosed myself with Rheumatoid Arthritis 29 years ago, I know the need of western medicine, but also know that there is much more to self-healing and self-regulating than just prescription medications. My experiences have proven to show that each and everyone of us have a deep innate wisdom of health and wholeness within us, but sometimes that gets lost. This is where Craniosacral Therapy can help resource anyone to help empower and strengthen and enable health in a safe and nurturing environment. This bridges the proven science of energy work through direct experiences of touch.

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