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Wayne Farrell

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I am a international trainer and master practitioner of NLP, coaching, Time Line Therapy(TM), hypnosis and other personal development modalities.. I work with clients around the world to improve various aspects of their business and personal lives. My coaching methodology is very results driven. You can find out more by downloading the free EBook on my website. If you are find yourself in a position where you are not achieving the types of results you want and deserve, then contact me. All sessions are held via Skype and are typically an hour long. I work with people who feel stuck and want to create a the type of life they desire and are ready to take massive action. People who are fed up with not feeling fulfilled in their lives. I am a firm believer in not becoming a crutch for my clients. The amount of coaching sessions depends on you as the client and my aim is to help you get results as soon as possible. As such you can then move on in your life.

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