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bryan schuler

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Originally from the East Coast, New York to be exact, transplanted out here in 1999, and have made San Diego my home. As a youth I played sports, wasn’t the best athlete, but, I tried. They said that’s what counted the most. I was always the big kid, wearing husky clothes, getting picked on, always dealing with negativity throughout childhood. This lasted until after High School when I went to Junior College. I started lifting, and found a new passion, one for lifting heavy iron. It came very easy to me and didnt have to put much effort. Every week I was hitting a personal best, which led me to become a Power Lifter. The next 6 years all I did was get big and strong, playing sports, lifting, eating, working and school. My education led me down the business path on Wall Street in the Investment Analysis field. It wasn’t my first choice (Sports Medicine), actually had a little push that influenced my decision (Big Mistake). I was in finance for 6 years, started Personal Training during this time on a part-time basis, and finally said good bye to the desk jockey job and followed my passion. In 2002, a friend and I created ‘Wired Fitness’. We took the boring gym workouts to the awesome outdoors. San Diego has perfect weather to accommodate this training method. Our first class had about 45 people, and then it became the craze! Here we are today, 15 years+ later still going strong!

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